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Flyscreen Thunderbird 1600 DRT

Dart Flyscreens

Flyscreen Thunderbird 1600 DRT

149.95 €
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  • As the world’s largest production parallel twin, the Thunderbird has made a real impact in the big bore cruiser market. Triumph got this one right first time, with most tests finding it dynamically superior than anything else in the market, and great value too.
  • With typical Triumph quality, attention to detail and technological prowess, the big T-bird ticks all the boxes straight out of the showroom. The one thing it needs is a range of aftermarket accessories so that owners can personalize their bike.
  • The Dart flyscreen smooths out the airflow above the headlight, making cruising at regular speeds quieter and calmer, and raising the maximum comfortable speed. Brackets are chrome, naturally. Laser-cut from steel and CNC-folded, we triple-plate them (copper, then nickel, then chrome) for an almost liquid finish. The result is a screen that fits perfectly and looks like original equipment.


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